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Brittany Woodland Products Logs for sale in Brittany Brittany Logs

Sale and delivery of hardwood logs in Brittany

33cm seasoned mixed hardwood firewood and logs for sale in Brittany; supplied and delivered by the trailer load: price = 125€/1.67 steres (125€/0.56 corde) within a 40km radius of Couetilliec, 56160. Price equates to 225€/corde (3 steres).

Brittany Woodland Products Logs for sale in Brittany Brittany Logs

Well-seasoned ready to burn hardwood logs

Our logs are cut, split and stacked off the ground. The top of the stacks are covered and left to season for between one and two years, depending on species and thickness. We supply a mixed load of dry logs - species in order of predominance; oak, chestnut, beech, birch, hazel, holly and ash. If you require solely oak, please inquire for a price.

Brittany Woodland Products Logs for sale in Brittany Brittany Logs

Log collection and guided woodland tour

Alternatively, by prior arrangement, you can buy and collect logs from Couetilliec, 56160. Why not enjoy a complimentary guided tour of our sustainably managed woodland whilst you are here? Other traditional woodland products supplied to order from our sustainably managed woodland in Brittany.

our woodland enterprise

About us

Brittany Woodland Products Brittany Logs Carl and Belinda Foster

We, Carl and Belinda Foster, purchased Couetilliec in 2012 and embarked on an extensive programme to bring the woodland back into active management. 

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Woodland management

Brittany Woodland Products Holz Housen (beehive) log stack Brittany Logs

Bringing neglected woodland back into active management as well as clearing windblown trees after storm events produces a lot of firewood and material for other woodland products.

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Bespoke oak signs

Brittany Woodland Products Handcrafted Oak Signs Brittany Logs

Handcrafted oak signs made from our seasoned European Oak heartwood to your own design. Contact us if you would like to commission a bespoke sign.

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Other woodland products

Brittany Woodland Products Riving Sweet Chestnut Brittany Logs

As well as firewood and signs we also make or cut to order: hazel bean rods, pea sticks and flower support canes; cleft sweet chestnut post and rail fencing.

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Chainsaw servicing and sharpening

Brittany Woodland Products Chainsaw servicing and sharpening Brittany Logs

We have our fleet of chainsaws to service, repair and keep their chains razor sharp. Contact us if you would like your chainsaw serviced and or chain sharpened. 

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Green woodworking

Brittany Woodland Products Shaving Horse Green Woodworking Brittany Logs

Brittany Woodland Products' first shaving horse; it’s a combination of a vice and workbench, and is essential for our planned forays into green woodworking

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Milled timber

Moving the last sweet chestnut sawlogs courtesy of tempete Zeus. Chestnut beams, boards and gateposts cut to order

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